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Improve Your Memory and Keep Your Mind Sharp

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This blog is an introduction to the unusual Dakim Brain Fitness exercises.   I discovered these exercises while doing a Google search on “brain games” a few years ago and have been doing them ever since.  These exercises, unlike any others out there, provide the following:

A boost of your day-to-day brain power
As you boost your day-to-day brain power, you’ll also be developing what brain researchers call a cognitive reserve (a reserve of neural connections), so that brain power — essential to performing at your best — will be there in the future when you need it.

Fun and engaging games for memory prowess
Dakim’s brain fitness approach is designed to stimulate six essential cognitive areas: Dakim believes that mental exercise for those with memory loss or those who aim to prevent memory loss needs to be fun and engaging to maximize effectiveness. Dakim offers seniors a free trail of their brain fitness software.

What are those essential cognitive areas?
See “What Are Cognitive Abilities”
Cognitive Abilities are Brain Functions.

What are the goals of Dakim BrainFitness exercises?
Real, Achievable Goals. Dakim BrainFitness has been clinically proven to significantly improve cognitive performance in the two most important areas — memory (immediate and delayed) and language abilities — as users strengthen attention, focus, and concentration!

What types of exercises will I find on Dakim?
Memory exercise
You are shown six pictures and asked to remember them.
Then you are told:  “The pictures you just saw have shifted positions, and one has been replaced.
Click the new picture.”   Then you’re shown the original grouping again and asked to click the picture that was replaced a moment ago and has now returned.
Recalling the details of a breaking news story
You read a breaking news story and are asked afterwards to recall many details from memory.
This exercise is repeated several times during a session, thus exercising your aptitude for remembering story details after a change of subject.
Vocabulary game
You are shown a word, then asked to choose another  word that is most similar in meaning.
Find the dissimilar picture
You are shown four pictures, and told:  “These pictures may look alike, but one is slightly different from the others.  Look carefully, and click the one that’s different.”   One picture is slightly different from the others.   You must look very carefully because that difference is very difficult to detect.
Select a coded word
You are shown coded words and their codes.  You are asked to decode the coded words and enter them. Choose a word based on its codes, from three selections.
Object pictured fewer times than the others
You are shown a series of objects, pictured  in a cluster as multiples.  You must select  one of the objects in the cluster that is pictured  FEWER times than the others.
Which one of the boxes below was made from this pattern?
You are shown a pattern and asked to match it with one of the shown boxes.  The question is “Which one of the boxes below was made from this pattern?”
Minute Math
You must make fast math calculations under a “Math Tutor”.
Famous People and Little-Known Facts
You are shown a series of pictures of famous  people and little-known facts about them.  After watching the whole series, you are asked:   “Which famous person is associated with this little-known fact?”
Objects and Their Silhouettes
You are shown objects and their silhouettes, then are asked to identify which silhouettes belong to which objects.
Puzzle pieces
You are asked to identify the missing pieces in a puzzle, from three given choices.
Two missing letters
View a word with extra letters in it.  Reveal a four-letter word by popping the two ballons that don’t belong.  Just click the balloons you want to get rid of.  In this case:  the balloons to be clicked are “D” and “Y”, leaving  “Moon”.

The benefits of Dakim BrainFitness
When you use clinically-proven Dakim BrainFitness, the real benefits of increased cognitive performance can be yours:

Remember facts, lists, names and faces more easily
Organize your thoughts more rapidly
Hold more ideas in your head at one time
Find the right word when you need it
Perform complex calculations in your head
Remember more details of what you read
Quickly evaluate information and make decisions in less time

How to get the most out of life
Getting the most out of life depends on having a sharp mind and keeping it that way. And clinically-proven Dakim BrainFitness is the web-based brain training program created especially for Boomers, to help them do just that!

Designed for senior living, DakimBrainFitness Professional has been clinically proven to significantly improve memory (immediate and delayed) and language abilities, the two aspects of cognitive function that have the greatest impact on quality of life, are the most noticeable to individuals, and are of the greatest concern to people over age 50 –  memory (immediate and delayed) and language abilities.

These gains were achieved as users strengthened attention, focus and concentration.

And more than two decades of medical research has concluded that long-term participation in rigorous cognitive stimulation, where multiple domains of the brain are exercised routinely – creating what brain researchers call a cognitive reserve (a reserve of neural connections) – is associated with as much as a 63% reduced risk for dementia!


We hope you have enjoyed reading about Dakim BrainFitness.  Please give them a try and let us know how you like their brain exercises.  An individual subscription to Dakim BrainFitness is $14.95/month.


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  1. Thank you for sharing about Dakim Brain Fitness With us. I am always wanted to find the way to improve my mind and memory. I worked at the assisted living and I do some cognitive exercises with the residents daily and I have to say that it is so much fun and keep my mind sharp as well. I usually play some word games with them such ass make them spell something backwards. Love all your suggested games. I am going to give them a try. 

    1. Thanks for your comment, Nuttanee. Glad you enjoyed the blog. Interesting that you worked for an assisted living facility and you do cognitive exercises with the residents daily. It’s so good for them, and for all of us!

  2. Awesome blog on mind exercise. It’s very important to keep our minds occupied because if we don’t our minds could become susceptible to different types of diseases later on in our lives. Mind games is a great way to keep our minds occupied. Thank you for sharing this article, it is very helpful to everyone because keeping our mind healthy should be a part of our daily routine.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jason.  Glad you enjoyed the blog and that you realize how important it is to keep our minds occupied.   Always keep a healthy mind!

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