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Discover What Your Mind Can Do

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This is a review of
Date:  July 7, 2020
Best place to buy:
Cost:  $14.95 per month for subscription
Free membership provides access to a limited number of the games and features on Lumosity

I have used for the past two years and can vouch for their brain training.   When I play their games, I can “feel” myself getting smarter.

Lumosity encourages you to discover  where you are strongest.  They offer “Brain Training Games Backed by Science”.  Their scientifically designed games include:

  1. Speed games that improve your processing speed
  2. Memory games designed to put your recollection abilities to the test
  3. Attention games that train your focus
  4. Flexibility games that test your ability to quickly switch between tasks
  5. Problem-solving games that improve your planning, special reasoning, and logical reasoning skills
  6. Word games that improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension
  7. Math games that present you with mathematical challenges that you must solve rapidly (Raindrops is one of my favorites.)

While you’re playing the games, Lumosity tracks your progress.  Lumosity also compares your performance with those in your same age group, as well as your progress over time.

The science behind

According to Lumosity, their “in-house science team is committed to translating cognitive science into accessible brain training”.  They are always developing new games.

The Lumosity in-house science team are busy constantly researching their brain training’s effect on cognitive performance.  There have been 10 peer-reviewed publications in academic journals using Lumosity games or assessments.  The scientists concluded that, after ten weeks, the Lumosity-trained group had improved in performance across a battery of cognitive assessments.  In fact, they had improved more than twice as much as the control group did.

According to Lumosity’s Game Design team, their goal is to design their games to train their clients’ cognition.

As stated in their literature, Lumosity’s scientists research well-known methods of training cognitive abilities like memory and attention.  In addition, their Science and Games teams work together to design game mechanics that effectively challenge a particular cognitive ability.  For each game they create, they give it a fun theme and add features that bring it to life.  This keeps brain training both fun and  challenging. supports trailbrazing cognitive research, working with 100 researchers from around the world on such subjects as genetics, chemofog and education.   They provide their research partners with guidance on data analysis as well as free access to their tools.  All this helps to advance research in human cognition.  According to a recent article by Medical News Today, Lumosity is considered one of five best apps to train your brain.

The cost of the subscription to is well worth it, in my opinion.  Money spent on your brain is always money well spent.  I highly recommend


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  1. Thanks for the review on I had considered using it …glad to hear that its brain exercises are really good.

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