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Brain exercises to improve your memory

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This is a review of How to Improve Your Memory in Just 30 Days
Date:  December 15, 2020
Best place to buy:
Price:  $14.95 paperback
Author:  Ron White


As I was checking out memory books on, I came across an intriguing book with the title “How To Improve Your Memory in Just 30 Days”,  just what I had been looking for:  a program for improving my memory gradually!

In this awesome book, you’ll find answers to your many questions about improving your memory from Ron White’s 200-year old memory method.

Have you ever walked into a room and couldn’t remember what you went there for?
* Have you ever grasped the hand of a potential client and then when the handshake broke, the name seemed to disappear from your memory?

* Or have you ever left a prospect or an important meeting and as you drove away remembered a key point that you should have shared with them?

The problem is NOT with your memory. The problem is with the “Filing System” your brain currently uses to store and retrieve memory items. Change the filing system and you’ll double and even triple your memory comprehension.

Two-time USA Memory Champion Ron White will teach you the same 2,000-year-old memory method that he has already taught thousands to:
* Give presentations and speeches without notes…
* Memorize chapters of books word for word…
* Retain information from workshops or training classes…
* Improve your grades and study skills…
* Remember names and faces, even years later…
* Routinely memorize 100 digit numbers after hearing them only once…
* And lots more!


–> Included with this book is an offer for a FREE bonus video of U.S. Champion Ron White teaching you “Easy As 1-2-3 Memory Tricks” <– 


About Memory Training
As psychologists tell us, if we do something every day for 21 days, it will become a habit.  So go ahead:  make instant recall memory a habit!


The amazing program is divided into 30 sections to be completed in 30 days; it should take you about 10 minutes a day.  However you may progress at your own pace (you can do more than one lesson per day if you wish, in which case you’ll get thru the training faster.)


Can you devote at least 10 minutes a day to improving your memory?
The author points out that some people who buy this course oppose any kind of change.  They don’t want to make the effort to train their memory.  But, those who do stand to reap rich benefits:   they should be able to effortlessly recall names, faces, numbers, and giving speeches without notes. Yes, this system can help you in every area of your life!


So, enjoy the 2500-year old techniques you are about to learn and remember:  you are the greatest computer ever created! 

Here are some excerpts from this intriguing book:


The Levels of Memory Skills
Basic Association (Remember every item in a list of 20 by picturing  a number associated with each item)

An example:  To remember these items:

  1. Pencil
  2. Sink
  3. Circus
  4. Track
  5. Star
  6. Bullet
  7. Die
  8. Hourglass
  9. Baseball
  10. Fingers
  11. Goalpost
  12. Eggs
  13. Flag
  14. Necklace
  15. Paycheck
  16. Car
  17. Magazine
  18. Soldier
  19. Golf clubs
  20. Shotgun


Do this basic association:
Pencil looks like a No. 1 (associate it with the number 1)
A sink has two knobs and two options (hot and cold), thus the association with the number 2)
Circus (associate with 3 for three-ring circus)
Track (associate it with the fact that there are 4 lanes in a track)
Star (associate it with the number 5 because there are five points in a star)
Bullet (associate with the number 6.  If someone shoots you, you’re 6 ft. underground, aren’t you?
Dice (associate with the number 7, for “lucky seven”)
Hourglass (associate it with the number 8, because an hourglass looks like a number 8, doesn’t it?
Baseball (associate it with the number 9:  9 innings, 9 players on a team)
Fingers (associate it with the number 10:  We have 10 fingers)
Goalpost (associate it with the number 11:  there are 11 goalposts in a football game)
Eggs (associate it with the number 12:  you buy eggs by the dozen)
Flag (associate it with the number 12:  There were 13 original colonies in the United States, and 13 stripes on the current flag)
Necklace (associate with the number 14:  a 14-karat gold necklace)
Paycheck (associate with the number 15:  most people get paid on the 1st and 15th of the month, right?)
Car (associate with the number 16:  the age when people can get their driver license
Magazine (associate with the number 17:  Remember, “17 Magazine”?)
Soldier (associate with the number 18, the age when someone is eligible for the draft)
Gold clubs (associate with the number 19.  There are 19 holes on a golf course)
Shotgun (associate with the number 20.  Ever heard of a 20-gauge shotgun?)


Chain of Visualization  (an easy way to remember a story)
An example:  To remember these items:  Associate a story with these items

Mount Rainier
German shepherd
Glass of water
TV set
Richard Nixon
Brown hat
Black boots
Check for $50,000
Keys to a brand new Corvette
Mount Rainier

The story:  A German shepherd is coming down Mount Rainier on a bicycle, carrying a glass of water with one hand and a shoe with the other. At the bottom of the mountain, he crashes into a TV set.  He lands on a pillow, bounces on a trampoline and bounces off the trampoline into an airplane.   The airplane lands in Dallas, and Richard Nixon is waiting for him.  Nixon has black boots and a brown hat.   He hands the German shepherd a check for $50,000 and gives him the keys to a brand new Corvette.  He drives the Corvette back to Mount Rainier.


2000-year old memory method
To recall anything,  you need 5 things: Focus, Location, Code, Action and Review

Location:   The code your memory recognizes is pictures,  so turn everything you want to recall into a picture.  Your mind stores the picture in a “file” (a circuit) in your mind.  That is the place where you mentally store the information.


Other chapters in this Memory Training course include such fascinating exercises as  (guaranteed to impress your friends):
Skeleton Files
Pencil List Practice
Counting in Japanese
Memorizing Math Formulas
Creating Your House Files
Poems and Quotes
Memorizing Sales Presentations
Uses for Files
Giving Speeches Without Notes
Foreign Languages
Intro to Number Memory
How to Memorize Numbers
Pictures for Numbers to 1000
Memorizing the Presidents
Names and Faces
Fun Memory Demonstrations
Memorizing a Deck of Cards
Memorizing Scripture
Working on Speed Memory
Things to Do, Directions, Names
Memorizing Sub Points
Alphabet Files

 = = = > You might be interested in this related article from Harvard Health Publishing entitled “Regular Exercise Changes the Brain to Improve Memory, Thinking Skills” < = = =


Pros and Cons:

Pros:  Although I haven’t actually done all the exercises in this course, I can see from the ones that I’ve done that they definitely sharpen your brain and impress your friends!   You can’t go wrong doing these!  They will definitely give your brain a workout!


Cons:  None that I can see.


Click here to order the book How to Improve Your Memory in Just 30 Days, directly from the merchant’s website.


As an Amazon Associate I may earn a small fee from qualifying purchases.  You will not pay more when buying through this site.



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  1. Oh, this is pretty sweet, I think it is really nice that I can simple get to have a better memory by playing games like this and surely this is something that I would do with my kids because it will help topush their memory to the limits. This brain games will help them as they grow older for sure. Thanks l you!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jamie.  I’m glad you can appreciate the wisdom of doing memory exercises such as these!  Brain games such as these will always keep you smart as you get older.  Good for kids, too!

  2. The brain is a very important part of the human body and the human existence generally and it’s very good to see how there are ways to help the human brain be better without making use if drugs which could be dangerous to it. Natural means to getting what you want will always be a great option. I love the idea of memory test and certainly this is one very good book 

    1. Thanks for your comment, JMason.  Yes, it’s certainly better to help the human brain without any drugs, and those memory exercises should do the trick.  Let me know how you like the book!

  3. Hello there, A very impressive and enjoyable article. Thank you for sharing such a sensational piece. I have bookmarked this already so that I won’t fail to get more information when I get to it again. And I will try to place my order on the book ASAP. This book is for everyone and it will improve your mental minds very well. 

    1. Thanks for your comment, Miraclex.  Glad you can see how this book can improve your brain.  Let me know how you like the book!

  4. Thanks for putting this out here, the brain is one of the most important part of the body and it functions to lead all the other parts. As humans, we are liable to not have a very vivid memory on a normal ground so it is nice if t we’re able to strengthen our memories and improve it. Thank you

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