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Boost your brain health with these 3 exercises

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This is a review of a recent  article in The Philadelphia Inquirer, entitled “3 Exercises To Boost Your Brain Health”,
by Ashley Greenblatt, certified personal trainer and wellness coach.

Does your brainpower need charging?
Quarantine has forced us to convert our homes into the central hub for a lot of life’s activities.   And as the weeks pass, the predictable schedule associated with working and playing under one roof can become monotonous.

We use our brain for a lot of life’s activities.  The brain needs constant stimulation to thrive and grow.   When we were kids, we ran, jumped and played games, which helped mold our minds.


Do you suffer from mental fog?
If a mental fog has set in, and you’re having a difficult time differentiating one day from the next, you’re not alone. The brain needs constant stimulation to thrive and grow. And when you’re on autopilot everyday, the brain gets bored. That’s why it’s essential to implement brain challenges that help dust off the cobwebs and keep your mind sharp and strong.


Proven techniques to stimulate your brain and boost its brainpower

Learn a new skill
The brain acts as a command center for the body.   All day and night, it continually sends and receives signals throughout our system. And when we nurture this important organ, it has a better shot at producing   good quality of life as we age.

One way to strengthen the brain is by learning new skills.   If you enjoy cooking, consider testing out an unfamiliar recipe.    Always wanted to play an instrument, or learn a foreign language?   Now could be the perfect time to finally fulfill that goal.   By exploring the unknown, the brain forms fresh pathways of communication.   And since learning can be exciting and satisfying, it may improve your mood  too.


Hike your heart rate
Exercise is nature’s prescription for feeling good

It doesn’t cost anything, and you don’t need a prescription.    While it may be hard to get motivated sometimes, realizing  the benefits d should  encourage you to get moving.

Though this is not always apparent, exercise is a euphoric experience for the body.   As you begin your workout, a powerful series of events takes place. The rate of your breathing increases to keep up with the demand for more oxygen  and,  as a result, the lungs and muscles lining the ribs grow stronger.   This increases your lung capacity and endurance.

Right above the lungs, the  heart pumps  nutrient-rich blood to the muscles and vital organs, like the brain. This surge of blood to the brain not only improves your mood by releasing  endorphins, but it also  offers some powerful protective properties against brain-related risks like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s.   Daily exercise helps the heart become stronger and better able to handle everyday activities. This explains why athletes tend to have a lower resting heart rate.

The good news is:   you don’t need to exercise for hours to gain perks.   Just a 30-minute walk, five times  a week, is enough to promote better health.


Elevate hand-eye coordination
When we were children, exercise was fun because we didn’t realize we were doing it!   We’d run, jump, and play games that helped mold our minds.

And one of the most important skills we sharpened during our youth was  hand-eye coordination. Think of how many activities involved throwing or catching a ball.   However,  as the body ages, this ability can decline as we do less to strengthen neuromuscular communication.

Build this area of the brain by getting in touch with your inner child.

  • Play tennis, racquetball  or pickleball for 30 minutes.
  • Learn how to juggle, and practice it once daily.
  • Toss a ball with a family member for 15 minutes.
  • Throw a tennis ball against the wall with your right hand, then catch it with your left hand  10 times.   When done, repeat by throwing with your left and catching with your right.
  •  For an added challenge, elevate one leg and perform the same drill for 60 seconds. Then repeat lifting the opposite leg.


I hope you have enjoyed “3 Exercises to Boost Your Brain Health”, and that you might try one or more of the suggested exercises.  Your brain will thank you!



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Comments (10) on "Boost your brain health with these 3 exercises"

  1. I wanted to learn something like this for a while but I didn’t know just how and now you explained it, I find it rather fascinating that we can go all the way with this and now I see how to be able to boost my brain health by getting involved in all this exercises that you pointed out. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment, John.  I’m happy to hear that you learned something new and you’ll be able to boost your brain health with the suggested exercises.  I discuss many more exercises for the brain in my other blogs.  Please have a look.  Keep healthy! 

  2. Nice. These are really very interesting exercises you have recommended for one to do to boost his or her brain health. It is very amazing to know that there are exercises that can boost one’s brain health. This a great and cheaper alternative for brain health boosting supplements and I thank for sharing this information.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kelvin.  Yes, it’s good to keep our brain healthy by doing brain boosting exercises.  The brain is the most important organ we have!   Glad you enjoyed my blog.

  3. Thank you for this great article! We put premium in making money and having the best life money can afford, but sometimes, we fail to understand that brain health is important for making cool cash too. These routine are very apt, I will try them from time to time, thank you 

    1. Thanks for your comment, KingDavid247.  Yes, brain health is very important for our complete health.   Glad you enjoyed my blog!

  4. It’s good that you can be able to health your brain condition by some specific exercises, they are very nice and they’ll be very helpful to the health. It’s very amazing and interesting to read through this, trust me this is the first time I’m actually reading about this and it good that I did cos I’ve been able to learn.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Shavo.  Glad you learned some new information about this amazing brain of ours.  Have you tried any of the exercises?

  5. Hi,

    I enjoyed every bits of your article it was very important to know the health exercise that can boost our brain, when we talk of brain it is the engine room of our body, as mentioned in your article the brain needs constant stimulation to thrive and grow, it works day and night. Thanks for putting this together.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Aluko.  Yes, our brain is the engine room of our body, as you so aptly put it.  We have to give it constant stimulation.  Glad you enjoyed my blog!

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