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Brain Training Software Market Size And Forecast

According to the report Brain Training Software Market Size and Forecast, recently published by Verified Market Research, the brain training software market is growing at a faster pace with substantial growth rates over the last few years and it is estimated that the market will grow significantly in the forecasted period (between 2019 and 2026).

What is Brain Training software?
Brain training software consists of fully automated applications designed to enhance and build cognitive abilities. These applications provide various exercises and tools to exercise the brain’s different structures and skills by continually responding to performance and incrementally increasing the difficulty. These software applications are available online while some are available for devices such as cell phones.

In the report, the software market outlook section mainly encompasses fundamental dynamics of the market which include drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges faced by the industry.

Increasing cases of Alzheimer’s, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia or stroke-related vision problems, together with the evolvement of digital healthcare, are factors that have driven the growth of the brain training software market. Brain training software and apps are considered a useful aid for mental stimulation. People are using this software to identify possible cognitive alterations and deficiencies, as well as create a personalized brain training regimen for their particular needs. Research says that older adults who took part in brain training sessions over five weeks are less likely to develop decline or dementia.

Furthermore, a study published by PLOS Medicine found that adults who engaged in the brain training sessions demonstrated improvement in working memory, speed, and executive functions.

Who are the Major Producers of Software Brain Games?
Global Brain Training Software Market Competitive Landscape:  The “Global Brain Training Software Market” study report provides a valuable insight with an emphasis on global market including some of the major players such as Sudoku, Lumosity, Happy Neuron, My Brain Trainer, Crosswords, Braingle, Queendom, and Brain Age Concentration.

Covered in the Report:
This study report covers the following areas:
• Memory
• Attention
• Language
• Executive Function
• Others

The entire report is available upon request from:


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