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Brain Health Is Important

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Just as physical health is important, so is brain health.  A healthy brain in a health body should be everyone’s goal.  In this blog you will find many suggestions to improve your brain health, from playing brain games to delving into advanced brain training.

It could be something as simple as reading a brain game book, finding and playing brain games on Google, or signing up for brain training courses.  I will cover all of these in my blogs, so stay tuned!


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Comments (5) on "Brain Health Is Important"

  1. Hi Monique,

    I agree that brain games are important. I like to challenge my brain so it stays sharp. Can you recommend good brain games other than puzzles and crosswords?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Ferra:

      Thanks for your comment. How are you?

      You might also enjoy my two latest blogs, on Dr. Daniel Amen’s products. He’s got all kinds of brain & memory games, and does a free brain health assessment.


  2. Thanks for sharing this article on Brain Health, it is very important for us take care of our brain, so that it doesn’t get affected easily, as you brought out, games are very good in keeping our brain healthy and sharp.

    We can also try to relax our brain once a while.

    But as for me, I choose to fill my brain with positive things, most of the time I check for positive information,

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for your comment, Eunice. I agree with everything you said: it’s good for our brain to fill it with positive things, and relax it. I can’t wait to go on the website you suggested.

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